The Flight Options Pilot Academy team consists of the following team members.

Tim Holland

Head of Flying Operations / Senior Flight Examiner

Anita Holland

Grade 1 Instructor / Flight Examiner

Rebecca Masoud

Safety Manager / Administration

Kelly Wust


Tom Horneman

Grade 2 Instructor / Senior Instructor / Ground Instructor

Dante Schofield

Grade 2 Instructor

Lachlan Barr

Grade 3 Instructor & Multi-Engine Training Approval

Jay Vanderhoek

Grade 3 Instructor / Operations

Dion Robert

Grade 3 Instructor

Ethan Barr

Grade 3 Instructor

Neville Sommerfeld

Grade 3 Instructor

Rob Beauchamp

Robert Beauchamp

Grade 3 Instructor

Phil Higgins

Grade 2 Instructor / Night VFR Instructor