Airline Pilot Cadet Program - Overview

The Airline Pilot Cadet Program is a comprehensive airline pilot syllabus taking aspiring pilots from no flying experience through to Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings and Multi Crew Cooperation.

The Airline Pilot Cadet Program is the only course of this kind with Flight Options Pilot Academy working with partners in the airlines and securing several airline positions with national carriers. The program combines flight training with airline mentorship to produce valuable employment ready pilots. Upon successful completion of the Program, cadets maybe considered for airline positions.

Course Outline

Stage 1

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) and Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Syllabus

  • Introduction to basic flight
  • Trainer – C172

Stage 2

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

  • Trainer – combination of C172, C182 and FRASCA simulator

Stage 3

Multi-Engine Class Rating

  • Trainer – PA44T Seminole

Stage 4

Instrument Rating

  • Trainer – FRASCA FTD and aircraft fitted with Garmin G1000 (C172 or PA44T Seminole)
  • The theory components of stages 1 to 4 include pre-flight briefings and debriefings. Self-study is supported by instructors to complete the CPL theory exams.

Stage 5

Advanced Flight Training

  • Choose to specialise in multi-engine (piston), turbine engine or jet
  • The Advanced Flight Training facility offers Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) preparatory courses and testing, Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC), King Air B200 Class Ratings, Cessna Citation Mustang C510 and King Air 350i Type Ratings
  • The facility operates Level D full motion fight simulators for both the Mustang and King Air.
  • Some airlines or operations request specific type ratings that we can arrange on completion of the course.

How to Apply

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