To complete the Multi Engine Instrument Rating you need to hold either a Private Pilot Licence, or a Commercial Pilot Licence and a Multi-Engine Class Rating (also offered by Flight Options Pilot Academy).  You need to complete the CASA aeronautical knowledge syllabus and pass the instrument rating examination.  The Multi-Engine Instrument rating is carried out in the PA44T and takes approximately a month to complete.  Instrument endorsements offered include 2D and 3D approaches.

To hold the Multi-Engine Instrument Rating you require:

  • Have at least 40 hours of instrument time
  • Receive 10 hours credit from CPL training instrument time (if you do not hold a CPL, you will need to carry out the additional hours to meet this requirement at an additional charge)
  • Complete 15 hours in the FRASCA RTD Training simulator
  • Complete 15 hours in the PA44T
  • Pass the CASA IREX theory exam
  • Pass a 3 hour flight test

Please note that before the issue of an instrument rating the Pilot in Command (PIC) must have 5 hours of night flying, with 1 hour of that being solo night circuits.  If the student has not already completed these hours, there will be an additional cost to complete.

The Multi-Engine Instrument Rating covers the single engine Instrument Rating.


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